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START released their self-produced/distributed EP through their own label GO NOW records. Doing their own promotion they were able get on over a 150 college radio stations reporting medium to heavy airplay -- 8000 units sold independently. Record was available in major L.A stores and several major "one-stops" across the country. Finely crafted live show utilizing high-tech gear, High-energy driving sound. Due to unforeseen complications with some major labels they disbanded in 1986. Start has now reformed in 2019 to re-release their original album with 2 new additional tracks re-titled "33 1/3 Too Soon", and have released a new album for 3032 in 2020 titled "20/20". And a new album "Anti-Social Media-Ocrity" out 8.12.22
Start founder Ran Ballard after the first record opened two world class studio’s and became a world renown Programmer, Engineer, Producer, working with Michael Jackson, Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Ringo, Don Henley, Moody Blues. Lionel Ritchie, and countless others. Ran Ballard “I’ve learned making albums and writing songs from the best, by being in the studio when it all happened. I bring that expertise to every START release”.

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