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Individual personal memoirs.


Stonehocker’s music is a journey through life, following all the ups and downs; capturing joy, anger, depression, and love.


These memoirs are also about connection, sharing emotions and different points of view. By opening up and exposing weaknesses and struggles, Stonehocker is hoping that these writings reach people on a personal level. Art requires opening up one’s soul, it can’t be held back.


The world has changed, how music finds people has changed, but music continues to paint the world around it. Being forced to sit and record for over two years has led to the music of Stonehocker being worked and re-worked under a drive to perfect it. It is ironic that this time of isolation is what Stonehocker needed, to really delve deeper into music and its creation process. However, Stonehocker was changing before the world changed; no longer chasing dreams but instead following where life leads.


Music is Stonehocker’s path, music is Stonehocker’s gift, and music is Stonehocker’s connection to those who will listen.


“Looking for a song that means more to you, something that I want to say, rather what I need to say … To You.”

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