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Storm is a rock/heavy-metal band from Sofia, Bulgaria, consisting of Alexander Mladenov (drums, vocals), Mihail Bonev (bass-guitar, vocals) and Nikolay Mihaylov (guitars). The project was initiated in the beginning of 2019 with main purpose - recording and releasing original author music.
After the final completing of the staff In April 2019 the musicians have started concert activity  - they have had a series of performances in Sofia and other towns of Bulgaria, the repertoirе being a mix of covers and the band's author songs. Live performances have gained them the interest and liking of audience and critics, especially by their original melodic lines upon swift tempo and heavy riffs, captivating vocal harmonies, idea-driven guitar solos and explosive show performance. The initial success has encouraged the trio to accelerate their creative activity, further and wider present and promote their songs in festivals, competitions, public and online appearances, as well as effectively using Internet music platforms. In July Storm were No.1 in ReverbNation's local chart (Sofia, Bulgaria) for all genres. The band has also success at Spotify - over 9000 streams, SoundCloud - over 4000 streams and YouTube - over 2000 steams.

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