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A Match Made in Musical Heaven

When Jeremy and Christine Stork first joined forces in the late '70s (in the popular cover band Casablanca​)​, they had no idea what the future would bring, or that their union (both matrimonial and musical) would evolve into the beautiful, genre-defying mix of melody, vocals, and top-notch production which, as Studeo, ​has led to - in less than three years - multiple single-and-EP releases , a record deal, and international acclaim​.

​Bringing a wealth of talent and decades of experience (Jeremy played guitar for Melbourne's Moby Dick prior to the formation of Casablanca, opening for such legends as the ​Little River Band, AC/DC, and ​Skyhooks​; Christine has played in multiple cover bands and is a formally-trained vocalist), Studeo'​s songs are as refreshingly-real as their love for the music and one another is enduring.

Following 2017's release of not one but three EPs (including the above two songs, both of which rose on international charts to levels previously unseen by an Australian independent act), ​Studeo ​signed with Bongo Boy Records, who included their song "Our Perfect Place to Be" (below) on a compilation CD, "Love Is." That song went on to win the Jazz/Blues Song of the Year honors at the 2018 Josie Awards (considered the Grammys of Independent music), held in Dollywood​ in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. In August of 2018, the label released the duo's first full-length album, "These Are Our Days", and in 2019 the second album, “You’re The One” was released. Further awards came Studeo’s way in 2019 including Duo of the Year in both the Josie Music Awards and the ISSA Music Awards in Atlanta.

​Studeo continues to expand their musical and songwriting horizons, turning their life experiences and world travels into songs which take us to new heights and in exciting new directions, covering the best of contemporary musical spheres.

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