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Sunday Hats


“Sunday Hats” is an unusual name for a rock band but, the vocal melodies and the atmosphere the guitar and keyboards give to their songs, it makes them so easy listening like it was Sunday morning.

It all begun in Thessaloniki, Greece when the singer – songwriter Fotis “Sheriff” Toumanides decided to rename the band he was in, as soon as the guitarist and keyboardist left. They already had played numerous live shows in some cities, and wrote the music for two short films “Prince of the hill” and “The champions”. Mary Sypoula on keys, and Odysseas Kotinoudis are the current members of the band.

Their first album was released in 2016. Some of the songs were composed a few years back but they were never recorded, so when they wrote “The songs of yesterday” it was obvious that it was going to be the title track. The songs varies from hard rock to alternative and pop – rock. In youtube you can find some music videos the band uploaded, that already reached over 300.000 views. When a fan says to you, “This song made my day”, you know that you did something right.

Now , a series of singles is the bands schedule that begun with the song “Burning Bridges Behind”, and now the new "RAiNDROPS". Along with that many hours of rehearsal will get the band ready for live shows.

So, keep rockin’ with Sunday Hats, wherever you are.

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Sunday Hats