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Supersonic Autopsy Force

Supersonic Autopsy Force came to light in the year 2008. As of 2020, there have been three albums, three EPs and four singles recorded over the span of 12 years. A number of these tracks are available on Youtube and the entire discography will be uploaded onto bandcamp and other music websites. Why has it taken until 2020 to fully upload the entire Supersonic Autopsy Force discography? Anxiety mainly. This music isn't for everyone. Inspired by Drone metal, ambient music, horror movie soundtracks and Silent Hill to name a few influences.


It's hard to pin the genre of music that Supersonic Autopsy Force falls into. Ambient, Dark Ambient, Film music, Electronica, Soundscapes. Take a listen and you decide. Whatever you decide, my mother just says it's a noise.

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