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Susan Augustt

Born of Ga-Ewe descent in Accra, Ghana, Susan Augustt grew up between two worlds: academia and career, and her zeal to listen, watch and learn music selecting vocal role models such as Ella Fitzgerald, Amy Winehouse and Beyoncé.

Right throught to university, Susan never departed from her passion. She continued to participate in Music talent shows, bands and choirs and remained deeply engulfed in music. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology she went ahead to do her compulsory National Service at Dalex Finance.

During her national service and with the help of her team she put together an amazing Music Band known as HotStuff Band with her as the lead singer. This had become her part time job as she and the Band performed each weekend at private events such as weddings, parties, launches among others.

A contract with African Regent Hotel to play at their lobby every Friday evening along with an increased number of gigs has made it possible to expand and begin recording her own music.

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Susan Augustt