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Swami Lushbeard

LA-based rock band Swami Lushbeard has become synonymous with the pure spirit of Rock. Humble and proficient players, who flip the switch into overdrive the very moment they step onstage, they’re a celebrated staple of the LA music-scene that has been featured at the most prominent venues throughout the city, always delivering their fiery brand of sound through an unforgettable experience in LIVE music that keeps the people coming back time & again. From the studio to the stage, Swami Lushbeard bring their A-game with them wherever they go. Five pieces strong, built on thick grooves, rich harmonies, and a genuine desire to make great music – they’ve got an entire catalog filled with critically-acclaimed tunes. From their savage singles available online, wild full-length debut & multiple EPs, including their latest sonic-adventure, “#ENEMY”, they’re guaranteed to make an impression through music designed to make you think every bit as much as make you move! Swami Lushbeard have built upon their history & refined their sound at every step of the way… and now with a new revitalized lineup, they’re more inspired & ready to bring it like never before.

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