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Teez Nyc Production

started 2002 as rap/kwaito artist with various artist! Mentored by his school teacher
afternoon rehearsal strengthens my ability to differentiate between different aspects of sound to master my flow and establish my own style and sound
adopted by the local event organizer in 2003 to perform and build our own local network and fan base
where we shared and opened the set for most established acts at the age of 15 I was I acclimatised to a massive crowd! Interacted with and I could control it to my atmosphere.
2003-2010 my focus shifted to Production learning and trying to understand its factors.
am a self-trained Multi-genre producer. The sound is fresh and Radio friendly collaborated with different Producers featured and inspired most Project from Band to individual as executive
2012 Registered my own Visual and audio Production inspired by international establishment to facilitate nature groom local acts from the dust which requires hard work and dedication.
With the successful knowledge attained by the director we collaborated with the Ngo’s adopted the Ngo to empower with moral support and Production Advisories Pioneering its existence! Through Establishment like this I knew I was positioning my company status the aim was to curve the ingestion of drugs reduce social ills visible empower of talent! Every musical project was a success gave my selfless time to perform secretarial {sourcing funds for musical Projects} most proposals were endorsed Government and Private entities! Inspired songs !Productions from singles to albums.
I understand very well that music is a very serious business! Proud conceptualize of (TNP)! which is Teez Nyc Production (TNP) is an independent musical company that record, performs djs and publish inspire music we aim to capitalise on the growing entertainment market across the world through the Production and Promotion of high quality Music.

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