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tHA KinG 8tH

???Who the f___k! is ThA KinG 8tH???

Tha KinG 8tH - Is a HipHop Producer/RecordingArtist/Rapper&Singer/M.P.C. Performer/Engineer/President and founder of independent record label WUNDAHGROUND Originating from (Tha Bucket) Pawtucket-Rhode Island...

(( Formerly well known as 8tH Wundah , 8thius, 8tH ))

This guy is Far from your average, typical, sounding like everyone rap clone!!!

8th - The producer,composer and engineer.

8tH is consistantly bringing something very different and unique to the table...

Musically - the key word's here are unique, creative, soulful,eclectic,old school but at the same time futuristic and technological... 8tH doesnt stick to one method he uses them all, sometimes sample heavy and at other times completely original playing every note, and all the music instruments entirely himself! Usually he will use a mixture off all of the techniques. Whatever way thw music gets created the end result is nothing less than Amazing! many say he is the best!!!

8th - rapper,lyricist,song writer,melodic vocalist .

On the lyrical side of things,8th is a true writer who brings forth a good balance of cerebal,thoughtful,punch lines,agressive ego-centric type of lyrics to

very deep ,highly emotional concepts delivered in an original complex delivery with heavy wordplay and heavy flow.... His influences come from a very broad mix of artists like kendrick lamar,saigon,killah priest, notorious b.i.g , nas, tech nine (strange music),jay-z,lil wayne,wu-tang,rakim,eminem,apathy,crooked i,royce da 59, black thought...

8th - the results.

Top notch song writing abilities with many different styles....

This guy is on a whole different level!!!

And as soon as you listen to his music, you'll probably get the feeling of deep insperation-coming from the Great's and legend's of the music world... <