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I've been working with bands as a singer since I was 15 but joined my first real official original band at 19. We stayed together for just over 10 years and did lots of great things together as a band. Like opening for some of our favorite bands when they toured big venues locally. When that ended, I went full force in learning guitar so I could write my own songs and be a solo artist and not have to rely on any one else as I'd been there already. While doing that solo project I began learning home recording to be able to make demos for myself strictly for remembering what I'd written or to release as a promo for upcoming gigs. In the midst of that, I fell in love with the production side and jumped head first into that and completely changed lanes as an artist, becoming mainly a Hip-Hop artist I still write and record Rock, Pop, and Nu Metal at times because I don't consider myself a true rapper or MC, but more a songwriter. Therefore, whatever I feel like creating, I create and promote. I love all music except Country and do all forms of it. However the mood strikes me that day, but, I am mainly into and writing Hip-Hop now because I love the freedom and creativity from creating the beats, the music for a loop, or the piano as a lead. There's just so many ways to write and create it that it poses a true creative challenge every time I sit at my work station

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The B.O.C
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