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The Daylight Orange

  1. With the stoner pop sensibility of irreverent sonic experimentalists, The Daylight Orange pillage and recycle Spiritualized, Duran Duran, Soulwax & Muddy Waters to create loud noises and irresistible hooks. The Daylight Orange started in the back room of the Exeter pub run by brothers Dan and Matt Stanaway, where their expe- riments with sound on their early demos caught the attention of Drummer Andy Watts, who had toured the world and played on top 10 singles with The Seahorses. The trio of seasoned musical travellers set up shop and started recording at the Phoenix in Exeter with the mantra of trying to connect the dots between 60s psychedelia, 70s bar soaked blues, 80s basslines and 90s indie/ rock.

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The Daylight Orange