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The Golden Mantis

The Golden Mantis are the Mannheim/Germany based musicians Silvia Subosco and Roger Münzenmayer.

In the mid 80s they already played together in The Valentines, one of the most exciting Mannheim bands at that time. When the group split up at the end of the 90s, this did not mean the musical end of the two of them at the same time. Silvia continued to compose magical songs in her idiosyncratic style and Roger continued to develop his creativity in many regional band projects.

In 2019, they finally came together again as The Golden Mantis to re-set the repertoire that had been created over the past years. Words and melodies are Silvia's thing, while Roger's signature is reflected in sound, music and production. The Golden Mantis publish their songs in both German and English.

The attempt to describe the band's music must fail miserably, because there is so much personality and emotion involved that every genre drawer creaks. There is only one way to approach them: LISTEN! The Golden Mantis songs are a unique melange. Classic singer/songwriter meets Indie Rock, Chanson and 80s New Wave. Silvia's deep, warm and often rough voice takes the listener on a flying carpet into a different world - dark, plaintive, confident, warm ... and always emotional. If you follow this trail, her whole magic unfolds, shakes and a letting go is hardly possible.

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