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The Light Dreams

Artist and musician Alex Storer has been independently recording as The Light Dreams since 2006. The music of The Light Dreams achieves a sense of looking beyond our everyday existence through a fusion of styles, whether it be taking us to distant planets, exploring time and the world around us or probing the depths of human consciousness.


"I became interested in instrumental music at an early age, when my father would be listening to albums such as Oxygène by Jean-Michel Jarre and Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells. These soundscapes allowed you to escape to other places, in a dream-like journey. Fast-forward 30 years later to 2006, and I first started dabbling with my own instrumental music."


"I work primarily as an artist and designer, but quite often I find there's an inevitable crossover between my art and music. In both cases, I'm self taught; both use the same creative process – one uses form and colour, the other uses sounds."


"My musical journey really took off in 2012 when I first started to release my work via Bandcamp, and that same year, I was invited to be honorary artist and musician for the Initiative for Interstellar Studies. With a long-time interest in science fiction and space, this moment was like a perfect fusion. While instrumental music is often open to interpretation, the recurring themes in my work include dreams, time travel, space travel and everyday travel... always on a journey to somewhere!"



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