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The Obsidian Blue

A band that formed by the two members Torbjörn Lööv and Ramin Rezainejad during 2005, while Ramin was in the process of leaving his old band "The Gunners Dream" in which he had played the drums.

Torbjörn (Tobbe) had been playing with a number of bands where he were the guy writing and producing most of the music. The latest was a band called "barQuest Industry". Who were presented with an option from three record companies, but disagreements within the band lead to a break up.

So after a couple of name changes the band "The Obsidian Blue" were formed, songs were written by both of the members and they started to share the music online, mostly recorded and produced by Tobbe, who also happens to be a multi-instrumentalist and a vocalist.

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The Obsidian Blue
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