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The Sleeping Man Project

  1. The Sleeping Man Project is the name of the Copenhagen based singer/songwriter Jakob Dahn brand new solo-project.
  2. It´s a message of love dressed in the style, lyrics and sound like Nick Cave and Cohen with a 60´s vibe in an updated sound by producer Sebastian Martin Munk Autzens hands.
  3. Jakob was the front man of former Skywriter who had their happy and dark rock adventures in great Swedish music studios and on German autobahns. Later Jakob went solo with the EP “Sleeping Man” released in 2018.
  4. The song Alive (Step into your light) is the 1. single from the forthcoming EP due to be released later this year. The vibe of and lyrics of this groovy song is a call for us to look deep into our souls and find the courage to follow your own way in love and life – simply follow your heart. The EP The Birds and the Bees is out now
  5. The Sleeping Man Project is rooted in indie-rock, folk and intimate singer/songwriter, but with lot of room for women´s choir and Jakob´s deep vocal in the center of the sound.
  6. The lyrics comes from Jakob´s own lived life and stories from the life of other people.
  7. It´s storytelling with an edge, poetry and spirituality swarming like muses of love around our lives in the rapid changes the world is going through. It is also a tribute to movement of the younger generations, and their fight for climate and gender against the older generations.
  8. The music was recorded at The Log Room at Moremax Studios, Copenhagen by Jakob Dahn and producer Sebastian Munk Autzen, who lately produced Hymns from Nineveh.
  9. New musicians are bass-player Sara Saxild from the well-known avant-garde band Under Byen and drummer Rune Kofoed.

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The Sleeping Man Project