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The Snow And The Flakes

The love for music, two acoustic guitars, a bass guitar and "les jeux sont faits".

The Snow And The Flakes is a music project with the aim to share with other people real life situations and emotions with music.

They said that music can change the world. The important thing is not to let people know the real story behind every song and every text. The important thing is what they feel when they listen to it and, maybe, let them understand that we all experience the same things, the same feelings, we all pass through the same problems and we are not alone.

The Snow And The Flakes is a one man band. It started in 2017 after the writing of "Our last chance". Then, after 5 years, the first work was done: on January 10th "ConcEPt" was released.
"ConcEPt" is a first attempt to give the project an identity. It's not perfect, it's not an arrival point, it's a raw beginning.

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The Snow And The Flakes
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