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#TheSamu is winner to "Best Fusion Song" and "Best R&B Song" with FLOWSTAR on 2021. He is a Colombian singer, songwriter and audiovisual communicator. Winner of 2 international awards and 5 times nominated for international awards. Musico signed by his own label 1113 Music. He was born in March 28 of 1997, in Pereira, Colombia. In 2014 he started this crazy adventure in the music with the Reggaetón genre with his single Fantasia Sexual , song that due to its great acceptance had a remix with an artist from Puerto Rico. Samu it’s recognized for working with world-renowned artists and producers. In 2019 he structures his career and begins to be in different media with his single Or Nah (Spanish Version) trap type song. The artist has been in many events and awards in the music scene, sharing the different carpets with great artists and public figures. After his quarantine release titled Distancia The Samu accompanies the release of “LEAN ON” with the music video, leaded by Julián Valderrama. Reggaeton genre song with Caribbean style that in addition to his love story it leaves a great message of taking care of the biodiversity and the conservation of the reefs. The video was made in Múcura Island and Santa Cruz of Islet in Colombia. Recently The Samu presents his new musical success called "Pachecito". https://smarturl.it/thesamu

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