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Threefold Maze

Threefold Maze are Doug Whittenberg, Derek Whittenberg, and Mike Smith


A progressive metal / hard rock band inspired and influenced by Dream Theater, Rush, Queensrÿche, and others, it began with two friends - Doug and Mike - jamming together after work and on weekends in 1990. Eventually, this love for song-writing and composing led them down the path they are on now.


Originally known as Aura Caelestis they produced one self-titled album in 2005 just to see if it could be done. Soon afterwards, they realized that they loved the process and creativity of making music but needed better gear, better production, and a better name: Threefold Maze. Over the next SEVERAL years, work was done on their next album, "Dollar Of Dust" and in 2016 it was released.


Threefold Maze is as "indie" as a band can be: They write, record, and produce all their own music in their Fort Worth-based studios. Threefold Maze combines technical musicianship with memorable melodies, inspired lyrics, and outstanding vocals. Doug, Derek, and Mike play all the instruments on the albums and also include guest performers on some tracks. Lead vocals are provided by Doug. Caitlin Smith can also be heard on vocals on several songs on "Dollar Of Dust." They work with Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studios in Helsinki for mastering.

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Threefold Maze
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