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Titanosaur is a NY Stoner Metal one man band that is a head banging sandwich of Motorhead, Ramones and Black Sabbath.


After self releasing 3 full length albums, Titanosaur is now signed to The Swamp Records and will be releasing an EP, Inti Wañu, on July 2nd, with the first single, "This Love" released on 6/18.


Inti Wañu is Quechua for Sun Warrior.  Quechua is the native language of South America.  My family comes from Ecuador and has indigenous blood.  My grandmother and her family grew up in the Cotopaxi region - the Cotopaxi is one of the biggest active volcanos in the world.  I feel that I bring the power, majesty and fear of living in the shadow of such a mountain to my music in Titanosaur.


The EP is 5 tracks, with a bonus Spanish language version of one of the songs only available through Bandcamp.

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