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Tom Houston

  1. He stares at the void. Get someone else to do the sales pitch Tom. Find that unique selling point and take it to the next level of cool. Tell them about hitchhiking route 66, about the Scottish Mountains, about finding a basking shark in the net or making films with a clockwork 8mm camera.
  2. Tell them about the famous people you’ve worked with and the hidden hits you haven’t had.
  3. Don’t tell them about the unravelling of the music industry how anything goes and the old ways have gone.
  4. Start off by selling your new Series. Gap in the Fence. It’s your 4th Solo Album. It’s produced by Neill MacColl. In the middle of the production he played live at the Baftas with Ben Nichols on Bass. ‘Glasgow’ where you were born and raised. Where as a boy the gap in the fence was the way into adventures and the big stuff.
  5. You have raised a family, two wonderful daughters. You have worked in theatre and community arts. You have formed and played with many bands. You write for and front davesnewbike who have released two albums of your songs.
  6. Tell them about those small connections that keep you going. Strangers who come up to you after a gig and let you know that something moved within them. The song that resonated.
  7. Don’t tell them about the size your fan base (it’s not very big). Don’t tell them about your monthly listeners on the ‘popular digital platforms’. Ask them to listen to your songs if they have the time. Don’t exaggerate your sold out world tours, but mention the intimate gigs in Canada, in Europe and within the UK.
  8. Tell them that you’re an old dude with something compelling to say and sing about. No don’t mention the ‘old’. This is no place for old men.
  9. Mention the website www.tomhouston.org and then invite them warmly to take a listen, and to get in touch at tomhoustonmusic@gmail.com.

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Tom Houston