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Tony Feedback

For many years I toured the world as a guitar player with Punk Rock bands. I have also done sessions for many artists too. Names I have worked with include,


Angelic Upstarts, Sham 69, Republica, Rhoda Dakar, Rick Buckler (of The Jam), Long Tall Shorty, members of Claytown Troupe, Anita Harris, Urban Dogs and Graham Bonnet. You might not have heard of these people but in my sphere, they're pretty well known and I've constantly been kept busy.


Under my own profile, I have released many singles and LP's on labels as diverse as Cherry Red, Warner Bros and EMI and have also been able to visit many cities and countries to perform.


A few years ago, I decided to retire from making a racket and was in hibernation for a couple of years when a chance conversation lead to me buying 12 String Acoustic Guitar from a friend and deciding to make music for my own enjoyment. My goal now would be to see it used commercially.

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