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Tune Maker Tom Baptist

Tom Baptist AKA Tune Maker Tom I am a self taught musician and vocalist proficient in keyboards and drums and have self produced and recorded several CDs of original music.


I write, perform and record original music . I currently reside in Tampa, Florida having transplanted from Massachusetts. In the Tampa Bay area I have been referred to as Tampa Bay’s Smoothest Vocalist because of my vocal style which is most often compared to Lou Rawls and other smooth style crooners. Although I don’t try to mimic anyone and maintain my own distinct style, comparisons are inevitable.


My style is mostly Jazzy and Bluesy but I have written and produced music in several other genres including New Age solo piano music, Island music featuring Steel drums, Christmas originals, and spiritual inspirational music, and pop.


I have performed and toured in the North East and parts of Canada as a Vocalist front man, Organist and drummer with different band configurations. Played openings act for Vanilla Fudge, The Cowsills, Etta James, Kool & the Gang and others in the late 60's and 70's and toured with one of the Drifters' configurations. My music now is very Jazzy/Bluesy no matter what I play although my Rock and R&B roots are ever present.


My live act is fully self contained. I have several sets of amplifiers and speakers to accommodate venues large and small as well as stage lights as needed.


Live I sing and play 1-3 keyboards but do not use pre-sequenced music. My keyboards all have “intelligent programming” which follows me as I play so I’m never a slave to a given song or format. It feels and sounds like I’m playing with live sidemen which I do when more bodies are required by an event .My recordings to date are all performed by me using elements from some of my 12 keyboards only.


I can play all original music or cover tunes. My music is generally piano/keyboard driven. When more visible bodies are needed I hire side players like Sax and Percussion to fill the bill on larger stages or I hire a complete rhythm section to back me.


I am also an accomplished photographer having been in a variety of display shows and sales as well as his own photography website.


My CDs are available at most online music sites for sale, download or streaming and can also be found on YouTube.


Thanks for reading this far. If you can, listen to some of my music at my original music website or catch me at a live venue.

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