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Simone Santarsiero, aka Uzbazur, was born in 1992 in Tuscany. His journey begins by a couple of drumsticks, at the age of 4. Snare and charleston of a gift-given drum set transformed the Weber-Fechner law into a playground to him. Simone experiences decibels rhythm and power to reduce and modulate it on the ride. His inspiration is found in the woods around Buti, a charming town where he lives and this brings his fantasy to take root on Tolkien’s robust literature, within its invented languages which he traits inspiration from to create his own pseudonym. At seventeen he crosses the Ambient music of Za Frûmi, a Swedish-inspired fantasy band. From there to the soundtracks the step is short. Today his composition makes extensive use of field recordings to which he then adds studio sounds with Loop, or Drone. Modifying sounds means imagining what you want, with a style that can change considerably. If the sticks lead him to discover Dubstep and Metal, Ambient replenishes harmony both with the cosmos. In this kind of music everyone can see and experience emotions that are sometimes even contrasting — says Simone borrowing poetics from other languages — as if you would read a book. Yes, composing ambient songs is like painting a picture in sound. Someone depicts them like moving dreams, others say they are movies without a film. Fictional material for new ecosemiotics. Re-Edited Biography by Lino Mocerino

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