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  1. Eldah ‘Dzana’ Sihlupheki is a Botswana female Traditional jazz artist born in 1980. Sihlupheki is the founder and owner of Zana Cultural Vanguard, an afro jazz band which originated in Maitengwe village and currently based in Gaborone, the capital city of Botswana. Dzana is a gifted and talented artist who started her music from primary school where she was both a lead singer and dancer in a school traditional dance group. She is a songwriter, a singer and a dancer. Originating from the Bokalanga region (North Eastern part of Botswana), Dzana writes and sing her songs in her mother language Ikalanga and she adopted the original Traditional Ikalanga rhythms and beats, fuses it with the afro jazz and coming out/ making a very rich traditional jazz. To date Dzana has recorded three albums and a Single recorded song.
  2. Dzana has worked with other music groups in the past years and performed several times both local and internationally but still maintains Zana band. In 2012 she showcased her Ikalanga cultural songs and dance alogside Ndingo Johwa. In 2013 she joined Mabutswa Pele as a Hosana dancer and in the same year the group reached the finals in the President’s Day Cultural Competition under Hosana category. In 2014 Mabutswa Pele became the champions of the President’s Day Cultural Competition through the help of Eldah Sihlupheki. In the same year the group participated at Botswana Independence Day and official opening of the newly Botswana Embassy in Germany with Eldah being part of the group.
  3. Eldah (Dzana) Sihlupheki was also part of the Bakanvuthu Band that won the presidential competition in 2015. She was a percussionist and a dancer.
  4. Eldah (Dzana) Sihlupheki has performed in several stages in Botswana with her band Zana cultural Vanguard. In 2009 the group performed at the official opening of Maitengwe Boarder Gate/Bridge. Dzana has shared stage with Phillip Mhlanga and Kabo Leburu at Millenium Jazz Restaurent in March 2017, also shared stage with Banjo Mosele and Magic Diau at Mountain Restaurant in Gabane in May 2017. The band has also shared stage with Friends of Friends band at The Greenberry Nursery in Partial and has also played alongside Stream Jazz Band. Dzana lead her band and performed among the three bands which were invited at Maitengwe Annual Bonefire in 2018; The legendary Ndingo Johwa band and rhumba star Clement Magwaza from Zimbabwe and Zana Cultural Vanguard. The same year Zana band also performed at Associated Fund Administrators (AFA) Christmas party. In 2018 Zana also performed at ‘BOMU Jazz Aetists Under 1 Roof’ festival which was organized by BOMU at Millennium Restaurant, with all performances lead by Eldah (Dzana) Sihlupheki in singing and dance.

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