I'm having problems signing up for an account

Check you have not accidentally added any extra spaces before or after your email address.
Try a shorter password, less than 15 characters.
Are some of your links not working on your finished profile? Check you used the full url and not just your social media usernames.
Format should look a bit like this

I'm having problems saving my profile or alterations.

The problem may be with the setup of your particular machine/device. Here’s what to try: 1. Temporarily disable any plugins you’re using, then quit & reopen the browser:
Click Window in the menu bar, then choose Extensions.
For each extension in the list, toggle all extensions to Off mode. 2. Make sure you have cookies enabled (including third-party cookies): a. Click Chrome in the menu bar, choose Preferences, and then click the Settings tab. b. Click Advanced, then Privacy and Security, then Content settings, then Cookies. c. Make sure Allow sites to save and read cookie data (recommended) is turned 3. Clear your browser’s cache: a. Click Chrome in the menu bar, and select Clear browsing data... b. In the dialog that appears, select All time from the drop-down list. Make sure both Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files are checked. ​c. Click Clear browsing data. 4. Try using a different browser. We recommend Chrome or Firefox. If things start working, you can safely assume the problem is with your other browser. If there is an antivirus, firewall, or other internet security tool installed on your machine, temporarily disable it. 5.Restart your machine.

I want to delete a music file from my profile

I want to delete a music file from my profile In ‘My Artist Profile’ When adding music files, the uploader is in ‘insert mode’ To delete music files, toggle slider to ‘delete mode’

I want to delete a video from my profile

To delete a video, go to ‘My Artist Profile’ click the white cross in the red circle in top right of video.

How do I share my Tunebubble profile?

Find your profile on Tunebubble: Use the share function below the bio: to share to Twitter, Facebook or What’s App. Your Tweet will be formatted like this, but you can add some extra text to it before you post: Or you can share by copying the url when you have your profile open: Sharing your profile will increase your exposure and it’s a great way to let people know you have uploaded new music or videos to your profile. It's also great to share other artists you have discovered in this way too. If you need extra support, you can email us on

How do I add music files to my profile?

Register or Login on Tunebubble Choose 'my artist profile' from the dropdown menu. Create or edit your profile. Towards the end of the page you will find the music tracks section where you can add your music. Remember to press SAVE , at the bottom, to keep any changes!