10 top tracks playlist on tunebubble

Take a listen to 10 great songs we've featured on our Tunebubble promo videos, by a fantastic and diverse group of musicians:

Sweet Talking Time - Alpha Circle

Passion - Fred Ready

Wasteland - Dead Town

There Goes Another Day - James Carr

Lockdown - Kane Fielding

The Game - Alice Triskel

Love Ocean Gabriel K

We Made That Our Home - TIM TM Music

Ambience a Gogo - Dockbled

Code Silver P22 - NoStereo

Find the playlist here: https://www.tvadtunes.co.uk/playlist/c7214338-99be-4525-a53a-2519b5a871ae


Creating Tunebubble playlists and sharing them online can help raise the profile of musicians, bring them to a new audience, or if you are a musician yourself, can help you raise your own profile and draw attention to your music.

They are easy to make - take a look at our video:

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