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Updated: May 21, 2020

4FLO MUSIC is singer/songwriter and producer Ben Partington from Manchester. Thanks to Ben for this interview!

How did you start out on your music journey?  I started writing when I was younger which led me to working in a school music department helping the children write lyrics and produce their own songs. This developed into me becoming more involved in schools and ending up working with autistic children for around ten years. In that time the music took a backseat. About three years ago, I decided to come away from schools and focus back on music - I did a course to refresh myself and that's what I have been doing since.

What kind of things inspire you to write?

I think trying to push my music forward and achieve some success is my biggest inspiration. At the moment I feel inspired in general to get up each day and write and try to create something new. I don't generally need to, but sometimes I will play some songs before I start which can be anything.

What’s on your playlist right now? Any recommendations?

Prince, Toto, Lauryn Hill, Labrinth, Artic Monkeys, Wu Tang Clan....Wu Tang Forever is probably one of my favourite albums of all time. A group I'd also recommend who maybe not everyone has heard of from my hometown are Children of Zeus. 

Are there any artists that you would love to collaborate with?

In present day, someone like Labrinth, I like that he is a producer and writes for other people as well as doing his own thing, Some of the stuff he did with Emelie Sande was really good and would fit into my style. If looking through history, I would of loved to have been working with Quincey Jones in the 80s.

Q. Manchester has a legendary music scene - how did that influence you as you were growing up?

The culture of Manchester in general is a creative one and obviously music is at the forefront of that. Music was always on as I was growing up, all different types, a lot of Motown though. Having lots of musicians and bands coming out of your hometown I think helps you to realise that doing that for a living is a goal that can be reached and is achievable. I was a bit young but my cousins and uncles used to tell me about The Hacienda and what it was like at that time. So the history is obviously huge and has many layers, so its inspiring to have that as part of my culture.

Q. How do you think social media has affected new music artists - is it a help or a distraction?!

Like social media in most instances it falls into both categories. There's lots of ways for you to promote, reach an audience and have that platform, which in turn creates lots of people doing just that. I think there's no doubt its very saturated and is very difficult to get your head above the water but if you can and can create a loyal audience you can make a good living off your own back without labels etc

Q. What’s coming up for you next?

Always working on new material, I've Just released my next single 'Running Around' then another single release will be coming around a month after that, so keep posted for details. With everything going on right now I'm not able to go into the main studio but I am able to create from home, so hopefully I will have a lot of new material ready to go when we are out the other side.

Q.Is there anything else you want everyone to know about you and your music?

Just to say thank you to everyone and anyone that's streamed or supported my music so far, If you like what you hear keep sharing and supporting its a big help and is really appreciated -Cheers!

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