A Bit Of Me-Time - Fuze Tea - 2019 Launch

Advert: A Bit Of Me - Time - Fuze Tea - 2019 Launch

Music: Time In A Bottle - Lykke Li

Fuze Beverage was founded by Lance Collins and creative director Paula Grant in the basement of Collins' Englewood Cliffs,New Jersey home in 2000. Bruce Lewin put the "fuel in the rocket" (obtained funding for the fledgling company) in 2001. He subsequently joined Fuze's board and became a major shareholder. Joe Rosamilia was also one of the founding investor/directors.

The brand was launched, first in the Northern California market in 2001 with three flavors packaged in fruit-themed bottles: mixed berry, banana colada and cranberry raspberry. In 2002 the brand launched two additional flavors, peach mango and tropical punch; the same year, the company grew to 30 employees and moved out of Collins' basement.

The company continued to expand rapidly, launching new flavors throughout 2004 and 2005. Since 2005, Fuze products may be found in most major retailers, with sales exceeding 11 million cases by 2006

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