AP Tobler - Interview

AP Tobler, from San Jose, California, discovered drums at the age of 8. She explored the sounds and composition of grunge, hard rock, metal, and jazz through her studies, adding guitar and bass to her instruments studies in the years that followed. AP talks to us about the ups and downs of social media, how people need to learn to listen to albums again and her biggest fears.

Tell us how you got started in music?

It was really just a random whim. I woke up one day when I was eight years old and decided I wanted to play drums. The rest is history.

Who has been your biggest inspiration, musically or otherwise?

Dave Grohl, 100%. He’s a multi-instrumentalist like me. I love all of his music, and I think he seems like a good person.

Who would you dream of collaborating with?

Green Day or Foo Fighters. They’re both huge inspirations of mine.

You write about things that scare you, what's number one on your list of fears?

I am afraid of losing people I love, whether it be to death or something else. Just thinking about it terrifies me.

Do you find social media a source of inspiration and community or is it a distraction? 

I think it’s a bit of both. I find social media to be inspiring most of the time, but on occasion it leads me down a rabbit hole of self doubt. Media can be deceptive, making things look perfect for others, and sometimes it feels bad when your life isn’t perfect. 

How do you feel streaming services are affecting music? 

I think for the most part streaming services are positively affecting the industry. Listeners have access to discover music they might have never found otherwise. Musicians have greater access to potential listeners, but the payment system seems flawed. 

I do wish people spent more time really listening to music. Back in the days of vinyl and such, people listened to an entire album from beginning to end. I think that made people appreciate the music more.

AP's current single 'Post Mortem'

Tell us your top 10 favourite songs today!

Oh boy, here comes a jumble of genres. Not in any particular order…

1. Dragonball Durag - Thundercat

2. Turn the Lights Off - Tally Hall

3. Across the Sea - Weezer

4. Sweet Tooth - Cavetown

5. Misty Mountain Hop - Led Zeppelin 

6. Helena (So Long & Goodnight) - My Chemical Romance

7. Motorphobia - The Wombats

8. I’ll Stick Around - Foo Fighters

9. Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away) - Deftones

10. The Bidding - Tally Hall

Listen to them all here:

What's the big dream for AP Tobler?

I’d love to be a touring musician playing original music. I want my music to help people who are struggling feel less alone.

What's coming up for you next?

I’m currently in the process of the final bits of recording for my next single, which I will hopefully release soon. I’m dreaming of releasing an EP in 2021, and can’t wait to get back to playing live music. 

Anything else you want people to know about you or your music?

Most of my music is about either regret or fear. Though I am generally a happy person, I don’t find there to be much soul in most happy songs.


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