Ben Wilkinson & Jill Winter - new release 'Unregistered Feelings'

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Artwork by Hunter Foxz

New EP - Unregistered Feelings - produced by Ben Wilkinson with vocals performed by Jill Winter includes a Radio Edit, Original Version and Extended Mix.

Ben says of the track:

'This track Unregistered Feelings was first thought about when I was in my teens... incidentally when I first started playing the piano when I was in my adolescent stage of growing up. You could argue this is a haunting melody. Keeps coming back. As many of us know this time of our lives is where we all start to form our dreams and ambitions. Some of us dream of music some of us dream of being a family, some dream of acting, building, plumbing or being in power. For me it was in music and this is exactly the story of Unregistered Feelings.

It's the dream of music and what that looked like how the dream was going to start, the planning, the development, the stops, the pauses, the battles, the walls to beat down and everything in between.....

...The start of the track is the awaking of a dream - as the bars go through the track its telling you all the intricate details of what the dream could be; as an example, a dream of mine was to play a grand piano in the centre circle at Anfield on a Merseyside Derby. So in this, the story is the countless nights of dreaming this possible and hoping one day it happens. As the dream then changed to being that I wanted my electronic music played instead ...from each bar to bar there are some changes in percussion and changes in the direction and flow. In its industrial core there is all the hard work tones of getting to the dream. However at the break of the song, where by Jill’s vocals become present is where the deal breaker comes in, in Jill’s voice and the way her vocals came into effect is telling you she was whispering into the listeners ear ‘This is the dream and I am going to now tell you its do-able, achievable.'

Even if that won't happen despite trying every possible avenue, in that story the realisation

and the fact that the track is being played within the dream is enough. And that’s what the secondary melody is, it's style is different as its telling you that although the dream wasn’t competed to its fullest, the dream has happened. It was a life changing moment.

That particular dream is no more different than the dream of having a track released and being streamed, downloaded, played and enjoyed by at the very least one fan.

There is so much more to explain, but I shall leave you to ponder this whilst you listen'

'Meeting' Jill on social media after listening to her song '1978' inspired Ben to approach her to work on this track.

You can take a listen to the track here and watch the video:

Video made by Tunebubble

Also, you can stream it on Spotify

All platform links can found here



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