Bow Ever Down

Bow Ever Down began in 1998, but the musical journey towards making dark synthpop started long before. Read on to discover the difficulties in being an independent music artist, collaboration and not losing sight of the dream....

How did you start out on your music journey?

I was 6 years old when I first put my hands on a piano. Music with a sad overtone just came out of me. That was the beginning of Bow Ever Down. Although I did not know it then. I grew up in a very dark home. A lot of mental illness, noise.. it was my escape. 

Tell us a bit about your recent released album ‘Lost in the Woods’ - there’s some dark themes going on there - what’s the story behind it? Bow Ever Down has been around since 1998.. 1994 if you count me in my home just tinkering around with the idea. When I started working with other people, I always struggled with keeping people around to bring this dream to light. People came and went.. in 2004 me and my musical partner were at our peek. Appearing on comps for Metropolis records, playing Draculas Ball one of the biggest goth industrial events in the US, opening up for bigger bands.. things were taking off.. at that moment he chose to just walk. My dreams were crushed. I honestly didn't want to live anymore. Came to the woods of Maine and found another person and started again a decade ago.. that person suddenly said they could not do shows anymore and was more focused on their own project.  I went down a dark hole .. the downward spiral, in which I thought there was no return. Until a decade later I started learning how to program, the world of daw and got myself to a level to send it out to a producer in the UK and that was the birth of Lost in the Woods.. my dark journey through broken dreams, abandonment.. and walking back bloody and bruised on my own.  It was also an album of freedom.. no one was ever going to take my dreams again. I am in control now. 

Who are your influences and who be your dream artist to collaborate with? It's no secret at all that my all time biggest influence is Assemblage 23. I used to be a girl just sitting at her piano. I wanted to be like Tori Amos. Then one day someone put Assemblage 23 in front of me. This was ages ago.. I was still really young :) And I heard pain.. darkness.. powerful emotion with a tinge of light and hope combined with music that made your body want to move!! Now I knew this sort of thing from Depeche Mode but this was a darkner ebm sort of thing and I was like... now this is it!!! Yeah I am obsessed. A-23 fan indeed.. got to play with quite a few EPIC bands in my day but sadly never Tom. My biggest regret possibly. 

Your Top 10 playlist of favourite records? I can't say I have favorite records, I love every record by my favorite projects. Every record is a different journey and I love to take that journey with them. I adore A-23 of course. I also am a fan of vnv nation and I really love Iris who used to be Forgiving Iris and I actually got to play with them :) I have tons of electronic projects I love but those are at the top. 

What’s been your most memorable club night/gig so far and what made it stand out for you? Easy question.. hands down Draculas Ball in Philly. Played it several times. 

Things are tough for musicians now - there is almost a culture now of people expecting music to be free and on top that music venues can’t open - how do you think this will impact the creativity of new artists? For me personally being in the underground scene and then on top of that always rising and then falling, I never really knew money. I also never controlled the money so I never actually knew how much we made back in the day. I control it now and yeah not much in it but that's not why I do it. Would it be nice to make a bit back to put back into future albums? yes, but I guess it is what it is. Most important for me is to get my music out there and have people connect with it. That right there is worth all the money in the world.. more than all the money in the world. If I never made a dime, I would work my butt off to put towards my music myself and still continue. Its my air. I am not alive without it and I don't really have an identity. Its tough times now.. the emotion of the hard times actually helps my music. I work well in darkness. I have had to all my life. The issue with gigs? That is going to be tough for people. I am at a point in my life where I am doing purely studio work now. I don't have members to do live gigs, nor do I want members after all that's happened to me regarding them. I am older.. I did my time doing shows. Loved doing shows, but I am all about getting music out there now. Sadly I think this will impact many artists badly that are relying on those gigs. I have seen some artists struggling with creativity in these times. For me.. it's dark times for sure, but that works well with me. It's where I  have always found myself.  What’s coming up for you next? I am already at my piano starting the process of new music. From the piano it goes to the daw. Hope to have another album out by October 2021. So not this October but the following one. Don't want to rush things but don't want them to go on forever either. So I think that is a fari timeline. Aside from that.. just busy promoting "Lost in the Woods" I really hope this album helped me find my way out of those dark woods.. but either way.. in or out music will be made  Is there anything else you want everyone to know about you and your music?

My music is me. It's my escape, but not only that, its my link to the world. My connection to others. I am so relieved to be making it again and I hope that many will connect with it. 

Assemblage 23 - a favourite band of Bow Ever Down:


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