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Chapperz is a young man driven by an exceedingly large passion for music. Now wanting to push beyond the limits and give back to everybody around the world with his own brand of EDM. He talks to Tunebubble about the impact hitting rock bottom had on his vision for a new goal, his musical heroes and the message he wants to send out with his music.


Tell us about your music journey – how long have you been making music?

Music has been in my soul since i was baby boy. Influenced by my Grandpa with his jazz music I grew up listening to allsorts. I had a short time learn to play keyboard till I took a huge passion of mine which was drama so in the end my music journey began when I was 17 doing discos in and around my local town of Chesterfield. I'd set up my own DJ business. When I turned 22 that dream and passion ended quite rapidly after my resident place closed and full time work became the forefront as my life. In 2019 I hit an all time low from an experience which sucked the chirpy and joyful chap out of me and they say the only way back up is by hitting rock bottom. I started visioning a life I wanted and what I wanted to pursue so in 2019 I took it upon me to learn how to DJ as a pro with a group of fantastic people in Manchester going by the name of Make Me A DJ. They taught me so many new skills and had a burning desire to finally be a DJ in trance music. Coming towards the of 2019 I thought.... sod it let's try some music creation so got the cheapest software and gear ever and had a go. Then we had the our first lock down in the UK where I said okay all hobbies and work has come to a halt. Let's go into a new hobby. I made my first track and decided this is it this is what I want to do.

It’s been a weird year, but what’s been your highlight?

To me, its been the new friends , supporters, people i have met along the progression in my journey. I've been grateful to all the people who have come into my life with this tragic pandemic. Its been so hard to see so many lose a loved one and it must be the most heartbreaking ,but knowing I've met them and can be around them means they'll never be alone and hopefully with time we each others support we will heal.

Which festival have you missed most in 2020?

Tomorrowland and Creamfields. These are where the majority of my favourite artists are and its been so hard not to have had a good rave and let off some steam. Its never the same from your home by yourself.

Which EDM artists have had the biggest influence on you?

The biggest is Armin Van Buuren. What a guy, kindest heart and always reaching his goals. He came into my life back 2006 and since then I've followed him. Its my dream to meet him one day when a track of mine reaches his radio show A State Of Trance, hug him and tell him what a legend he is and the honour to meet him is beyond anything. Hopefully one day collaborate with him.

HARDWELL is another. He has some amazing tunes and I have always loved to celebrate his birthday with a DJ Set because it is my birthday too.

And finally Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. These dudes know how to seriously rock a crowd. Very very uplifting guys know how to interact , have fun and bring the entertainment to a dance floor.

Give us your top 10 favourite tracks!

1. Armin Van Buuren - Communication

2. HARDWELL - Young Again

3. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike - The Hum

4. Robert Miles - Children

5. Richard Durand ft. Christina Novelli - The air that I breathe

6. DION - Runaround sue (yes I am a big 60s swing fan guilty pleasure given away)

7. Savage Garden - Crash & Burn

8. Frank Sinatra - Fly me to the moon

9. Roxette - The Look

10. Please have a good laugh with this..... FIVE - everybody get up (lmao) I have another guilty pleasure for boybands I get a lot of inspiration from that music.

Listen to Chapperz' Top 10 here:

You’re a very positive person, what’s the best bit of advice you have ever been given?

You have two options go hard or go home. You are you, nobody makes you be you only you know who you truly are. It may hurt people but dream big never let fear doubt you.

What’s the biggest dream you have for your music?

I bring a message with me as an artist.

Inspire , Heal and Dream Big

I want to inspire people to do what they want to do

I want to heal them from hurt , pain , disappointments. I want them to have a moment of freedom.

I want them to dream big as they can.

I've got a long way to the top , but I started with a little dream and its growing every single day. I know where I want to go to achieve what I want. Its hard to find them people with that same mindset but when I do I know its bringing so much into the world of music.

Money to me is not the big goal

Its to be me as who Adam is behind CHAPPERZ and bring love and light.

Will you be making any new year resolutions?

Yes I shall , its to let go of fears and allow whatever happens to happen because it could be bad but it bring goodness and more opportunities.

What’s coming up for you in 2021?

More hard work , more tracks , pushing to grow my brand as an artist and finally seeking that music career path fully in my life rather than just a hobby.

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