Charlotte Tilbury

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Music: Caleb Hawley -Stalk Me

Charlotte Tilbury MBE is a British make-up artist, founder and creative director of her eponymous beauty and skincare brand, Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Ltd, and is a British Vogue Contributing Beauty Editor. The music is by Caleb Hawley,Caleb Hawley is a Harlem based, Minneapolis-raised singer, songwriter, and producer who has been shoveling Gobstoppers into ears for the past decade.  Combining catchy melodies with dark and satirical lyrics, one has to be careful not to slip while dancing in a puddle of their own tears. Popdust proclaims “Caleb Hawley is the pop star pop music has done nothing to deserve, but desperately needs. The production of every song is attention grabbing, bringing the listener on a rollercoaster of 80's vibes and surprising emotional layers.”

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