Chill - Churchill

Advert: Churchill - Chill

Music: O.D. by Britney Stoney

This ad re-imagines Churchie, in CGI form as a “lean, mean chill machine”, gliding his way through the new spot on a skateboard. The ad is aimed at time-poor potential customers, inviting them to ‘Chur-Chill’ while they sort out the boring bits for them. while is would be lovely to think Churchie could actually skateboard, console yourself with the music for this ad - a lovely, chilled track by Britney Stoney- a singer, songwriter and guitarist who is deeply inspired by the human experience and hopes to empower all listeners. She aspires to be a role model for Detroit’s emerging artists and an ambassador for Detroit’s arts communities.

I'm catching feelings

Keep getting visions

From the last time that I saw you

Everything felt so familiar

You call, I answer

Tell me when you're coming through

It's cool, I'm up, I'm ready I'll be waiting up for you ......

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