Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Cholly has been making music since 2012, but only started performing it this year. She performs her songs with Conor Amos (who makes music under the name 'A Motion For Control') and Haris Hasan, who also writes his own songs. Cholly's music has been described a blend of experimental and alternative-pop. In February, she released my EP 'Ruminations' on Demerara Records. Her most recent music video release is for the track, 'Adores', although Cholly has a few more singles in production. 'Adores' features samples from voice messages through messenger with a friend going through a difficult time, as well as samples she recorded overnight to capture my night terrors. Making 'Adores' really woke me back up, and now Cholly is preparing to make an album.

Cholly's music has recently been played on BBC Introducing in the West, BBC Introducing Three Counties, Exile FM - the Monday Night Ride Out with Ming and Jon, Union Jack Radio and Conquest Hospital Radio.

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