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Chris Ray King has a new release, called “California”, recorded and mixed to tape at Anvil in Edinburgh. This is the second song from his current project, this time featuring Jo on upright bass and Ramesh on the ancent musical instrument - a veena. “California” captures some of the psychedelic jangle of the Byrds, as well as referencing the Laurel Canyon scene of the ‘70s.

Chris Ray King is a singer songwriter and guitarist. He describes his music as folk-rock: guitar-driven, layered indie songs, typically with acoustic rhythm guitars. His writing focus is on his lyrics, and he tends to receive a lot of positive comment on these. Musically, Chris' stuff has been compared to Lou Reed, Dire Straits, Robert Wyatt and David Bowie. He thinks he's more Smiths or Leonard Cohen.

Chris is currently recording an album in a local studio, to 16-track tape, using vintage analogue equipment. This is a very deliberate choice: to capture the warmth of an all-analogue recording and mixing process, and to create an imperfect, “live” vibe to the recordings.

The first release from this album project is “A Pretty Pass”, an acoustic-rock song of regret.

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