Civic Green Interview

Civic Green are a melodic four piece Indie Rock’n’Roll band, with a no nonsense, driven sound encapsulating their working class roots. If you haven't discovered them yet, read on and take a listen to their new single 'City Streets' - out now.


Tell us a bit about Civic Green!

We’re a 4 piece indie rock and roll band from Barnsley. Civic Green was created about 4 years back by Danny and Andy, and after more line-up changes than Fleetwood Mac, Gav joined who was later followed by Matty. The current line up is around 2 years old and we’ve seen our sound mature and grow massively in that time.

How has not being able to play live for so long affected you as a band?

To start with it was a bit of a blessing, being able to just concentrate on our debut single and get everything in place, however once the release had passed we just wanted to gig with it, with a bit of luck 2021 will be kinder to us!

How did it go with your debut single 'There is Always a Light'?

The reception to our debut single was amazing. Ending up with worldwide radio play and thousands of streams, it really blew us away. I hope the reception to our new single ‘City Streets’ is on par with it, in my opinion our latest single is the strongest!

Listen to new single City Streets by Civic Green:

Social media, YouTube and streaming platforms have opened up releasing music to everyone rather than just those on labels, but this has also meant people seem to expect to hear music for free. What's your view about how bands can make a living?

I think the whole industry needs to change. In principle the idea is great, it’s an exceptionally easy way to communicate with fans and for fans to listen to music in turn, but in practise it’s very much the opposite. Streaming is only sustainable for those at the very top and the streaming businesses themselves, I feel that in some cases music has been devalued to the point where people just listen to it as background noise, there’s no sense of excitement of having go in to town with your mates to get the latest EP and rushing home to talk about it.

Long story short, I think the concept has the potential to be amazing, but at the minute it’s costing music its soul.

What's been your most memorable gig? (For whatever reason!)

There’s been a fair few. Playing Leadmill was right up there for me, for any band from ‘round here it’s a rite of passage so that will always be special, but then there was the gig where Danny almost got punched by a kickboxer for throwing breadcakes across the venue. Hard choice innit? 

Give us 10 songs that have influenced you as a band!

Play them here!

1) Live Forever - Oasis

2) Ashes – Embrace

3) A Thousand Trees – Stereophonics

4) Geraldine – Glasvegas

5) We’ll Live and Die in These Towns – The Enemy

6) We Were Children – Tribes

7) Blackbird – Beatles

8) Folsom Prison Blues – Johnny Cash

9) Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd 

10) Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds – The Beatles

What's coming up for you next?

I suppose that really depends on what happens with the pandemic. With a bit of luck things will turn a corner and we’ll be able to play live and meet some of the amazing people that have been following us and supporting our music. 

One thing we will definitely be doing is getting back in the studio, hopefully sooner rather than later.

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