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Updated: May 21, 2020

Florida band Cobress have been together since 2017, and are Frankie Orion (guitar,vocals), Colin Orion (bass,synth,vocals), and Xid (guitar, synth, programming, vocals). Thanks to them for doing this interview with TV Ad Tunes & Tunebubble!

The band have released the first two 'chapters' from their new album "Neon Royale" featuring a total of 6 tracks, with the remaining chapters due out this year.

Take a listen to the pretty wonderful "The Glass Castle", taken from ''Neon Royale Chapter One: Fire'' - the band describe this song as being 'about staying together while the world tries to tear you apart. Stick with people you love, build an empire and never let anyone or anything take your dream away from you. To those struggling with depression, our hearts are with you. Despite all the hardships we had this year, this song will always remind us that love is the most powerful magic we have in this world.'

Their Depeche Mode influences are clear but Cobress have developed a sound of their own, in this track shifting from a melancholic edge to an uplifting futuristic anthem.

Q.Your sound  is a blend of 'synthwave/darkwave pop genres, and gothic electronic rock'. Who are your influences ?     Some of our influences are Nine Inch Nails, Garbage, Depeche Mode, Fleetwood Mac, The Faint, Gunship, and Muse.   Q.You have a strong personal style - how important is this as part of your band's performance and identity? Frankie: It's  important to us because our style is our self expression for the things we love and believe in. We're all so different in our own way and that shows in how we present ourselves on and off stage. We encourage each other to keep becoming the best versions of ourselves and embrace our personalities no matter what. I create stage costumes and props by re-purposing vintage dresses, unused material and secondhand finds. When most people think about the future they predict a dystopia future, but when we have the resources and technology we have now, I  hope to encourage a world that's still possible if we start acting now.

Q.If you could collaborate with any artist in the world, alive or dead, who would you choose and why?     Frankie: Right now, I'm going to say Zymosis. I love his producing because its a blend of futuristic electronic beats blended with meditative and world music.   Colin: Either Skald or Corvus Corax. I know that's probably a curve ball, I'm just really into that tribal war drum sound right now and it would be so cool to do a track with them. Q. What are your live shows like and what's been your favourite gig so far ? Frankie: Our live shows are really fun. We just rock out, dance, do synth and guitar solos, strip and get the crowd to howl like werewolves with us. We have actually been working on the live production for the whole Neon Royale album. As far as a favorite show, I would say Bike Night at Rackems in Cape Coral Fl which was our last show of 2019. it was absolutely packed and the crowd sang along to our songs and was a perfect way to end the year. Q.What’s coming up for you next?     Xid: Neon Royale: Chapters Three and Four are are releasing soon with the final 6 songs of the four part album. Q. Is there anything else you want people to know about your band? Xid: We absolutely love performing together and creating music together. We plan on doing it for a very long time and can't wait for you to hear what's next! You can stay posted at and all social platforms.

You can find Cobress on Tunebubble

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