Feed Your Wolves Interview

Hailing from the North East of England, Feed Your Wolves is Andy Davidson’s solo project.

Having always wanted to write and produce his own music  but always finding excuses not to, singer/songwriter Andy finally released his 16 track debut album, Save Yourself, in December 2019. Described as the epitome of d-i-y indie rock, the guitar driven songs mix energetic rock with feelings of loss, hope and change. Read his interview for Tunebubble here:

Tell us about Feed Your Wolves!

Feed your Wolves is a solo project by Andy Davidson. Spending many years in various bands, I’ve always wanted to do my own project, my own song writing, my own vision. Always wondering what it would have been like, I decided to change things and just do it, and I’ve loved it. Writing music, arranging it, producing it, playing it has all been a breath of fresh air for me, not to mention being creatively free with the artwork, animation, merch and website designs. 

Could you give us 10 songs that have  influenced your musical direction?

Tell us about the new EP - Hurricane...

The new EP is coming along nicely with a slightly more chilled out vibe to the album. I have gone for a more indie rock feel for a lot of the tracks featured on it with added piano. The EP will feature an Intro, the self titled track Hurricane, an acoustic based track called ‘I’ve Been Waiting For You’, Stars, and 2 others, one of which will feature a guitar solo from John Taylor. 

What's the Feed Your Wolves masterplan? Where would you like to be in 5 years time?

Who knows, we don’t even know where we will be tomorrow so we just have to try and live with no regrets and do what makes us happy. I can only hope to keep writing, keep being inspired and work towards my music being heard by more and more people and hopefully bring joy. 

Which artist would you love to collaborate with most?

Bon Iver: For one of their albums, they pretty much isolated themselves in a studio in the middle nowhere and just lived and breathed music and inspiration. Anyone who is dedicated to their passion like that inspires me so much. 

Do you find the social media community to be valuable in terms of your music or is it a distraction?

The way of the modern world has changed dramatically in the last decade and I’m sure will continue to evolve. You have to go with it and try reap the benefits. Free advertising, networking, supporting others, and submissions to bigger companies. The way we listen and purchase music has changed too and not financially better for the artist at all, but more accessible to people and more achievable to get your self produced music out there. 

It seems to be hard to make a living as a musician these days, how would you like to see things change, especially with regard to streaming platforms?

I’m not too sure how to reverse what’s been done, but I would have liked to have seen the days where buying a record on vinyl was a lot more than just buying a record. It was an experience, where you would read every word front and back. Even now CD’s are pretty much obsolete. Most new cars don’t even feature a CD Player so the digital market has really taken over. Yes it’s more accessible and easier to manage, but don’t you just miss the days of going out to buy a hard copy. 

Have you changed what you do music wise since Covid?

I haven’t really changed anything since lockdown other than maybe spending a little more time with the acoustic guitar and playing around with ideas with just Acoustic and voice. I have however made some upgrades to my studio and tried to improve my production skills. 

What's coming up next for you?

Next, I have a new Remix of America coming out on September 19th in collaboration with Michael Boyes AKA ‘The Primitive Lounge’. I have James Henderson coming over to finalise the tracks for the Hurricane EP and I will be finishing the draft ideas for the Second EP. I have a new merch line coming soon too, but always try and encourage people to visit the official website for the latest news, interviews, reviews, pictures, music, videos and merch.  www.feedyourwolves.com


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