Fonz tramontano & alice triskel

Fonz Tramonatano has teamed up with Alice Triskel to create this fantastic new track 'You Are What I Want'.

Take a listen, it's got a great summer night time vibe!

You can also stream this on Spotify

Fonz Tramontano is an independent synth music artist / producer from Sheffield UK, who has released 4 albums and 1 EP since he started in summer 2018. Find out more about Fonz and listen to his music on Tunebubble

Alice Triskel, is a composer and singer from Barcelona who mixes and fuses styles of pop music, electronic music, electro pop, EBM, synthwave, synth pop, rock ... getting to play with styles as diverse as soul and even opera.

Find out more about Alice on Tunebubble

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