Fred Ready - new single 'Passion'

We recommend you take a listen to this brilliant new single by Fred Ready - 'Passion'.

Created by Daryl Torkington, who hails from the North of England, the name Fred Ready came from his party loving Grandad, who sadly passed away many years ago, but was always up for a party in Vegas or New York!

Daryl said of his new single: 'The idea of the video for Passion came from motivation really. With the times being hard at the moment and slowly creeping up I thought why not do an happy video. A video that people can get up and dance too in the house or on their exercise a day walks.

Also with the time we have in lockdown, it's giving me more time to focus on making more videos for the music. I am a key worker so still have to travel to work. So I use mostly the time on the weekends to do this.'

Show your appreciation! Take a listen and find Fred Ready on Tunebubble where you can find all his links to YouTube, Spotify and Twitter

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