Galaxy Note10: A Day with Felipe Pantone

Advert: Galaxy Note 10: A Day with Felipe Pantone

Music: Hurks inda Town Freestyle

This ad features the process of Argentian artist Felipe Pantone using the Galaxy Note 10 to begin his creative process, with music by Hurks India.

Pantone gained his international reputation in the graffiti art world using the name Pant1. He started early with graffiti at age 12! You can see his work on walls across the globe, including the Mesa Contemporary Arts Center, Long Beach Museum of Art (USA) and the Palais de Tokyo (Paris) and even an entire bridge overlooking the river Guadalmedina. He trained as a fine art painter and ever since has tried to move far from the constraints of traditional art, using inspiration from the world around him and the latest technology. His work is now far from the world of painting and graffiti, some his work featuring huge sculptures, 3D modelling, LED screens and UV inks.

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