Galaxy Tab S6: A Day with Coco Capitán

Advert: Galaxy Tab S6: A Day with Coco Capitan

Music: NoComply - Wakeup

In this Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 ad, we get a peek into the world of Spanish born artist Coco Capitan and how she maybe uses Galaxy Tab S6 in her work.

Coco was born in Seville, and then studied at London's Royal College of Art. This is not her first commerical collaboration- she's worked as an artist and as a photographer with Vogue, Paco Rabanne and Gucci, amongst other brands . Her work balances between commercial and fine art, expressed through a variety of mediums.

Accompanying this video is a track titled “Wakeup” by American grindcore/thrash band NoComply.

Buy NoComply - Wakeup on iTunes

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