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Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Levi started writing songs at 10yrs old. She has since recorded several albums and also recorded a charity single to raise money and funds for the Autistic Society and the ADHD Alliance. It was a song called ‘If You Believe’. which raised quite a lot of funds and raised LP's profile.

LP teamed up with THE NEXT ROOM in Barnet, LONDON to record the demo Album MAGIC (which she wrote in her bedroom cupboard… !!) They had already had several chart-topping singles such as OOH AH JUST A LITTLE BIT with Gina G (the Eurovision hit), and also with 'Let Me Be Your Fantasy'.

She wrote and produced her next album MY SAVING GRACE, again with help from The Next Room, gaining her airplay on local radios stations.

THE POWER OF MUSIC, was remixed in 2019 and once mastered by John Campos it will be up for sale at all digital outlets. John is her favourite producer / engineer to date

LPerry's influences include everything from Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, Whitney, Phil Collins, T- Rex, Skunk Anaise, Keith Urban, Pink, Avril Lavigne, Coldplay etc.

John Campos, One Mind Music, on L Perry

"I’ve had the great pleasure of remixing and remastering L. Perry’s 2019 packaging of a great collection of songs  She put out what is truly her passion: Her Music. Her songs and vocal style are influenced by an eclectic mix of Rock, R n B, Country Pop and Soul and I think you can hear those blending into something new on her album. It was a pleasure to work with her as she knows what she wants and won’t settle till she’s found it. L. Perry’s instincts as a singer are unmatched; she is, in arguably masterful at delivering an emotional punch, an artist who instinctively understands timbre and pitch, and when to let some air in. That also applies to the dynamism of her songs, too. To fully appreciate what she is doing I highly recommend picking up a copy of her latest release. The Power of Music 2019 you won’t be disappointed!"

L Perry has made a start on a new album likely to feature 3 remixes and 10 new songs. The first of these remixes is available to listen to and buy on Reverbnation: reverbnation.com/lperrysmusic

Artwork for the new release featured here:

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