Multimedia promotions in our shop!

We already offer a huge amount of free promotion for all artists who join us on Tunebubble, but perhaps you need a little bit extra? By purchasing multimedia promotion from Tunebubble you are also helping us to work towards exciting developments we want to make in the near future so we can offer even better services.

We've just opened a new online shop, selling low cost multimedia promotions as well as t-shirts. SHOP HERE

If you have music to promote, we can offer Audio Pictures with social media promotion on all our channels. These posts make it easier to get your music heard and as they play in-feed and no click away needed. Listeners get to hear a 1 minute sample of your music and can then click your profile or link of your choice if they want to find out more about you.

We can also offer Video Adverts which incorporate your video clip along with messages, call to action, and design features to make your ad stand out. the video ads can be resized easily to be used as web ads, or on your social media channels.

Take a look at what we can offer and pricing here

Our prices are affordable and turnaround is fast. SHOP HERE

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