Q&A with Andie

Andie is a British singer and songwriter from Dartford, UK,

Early in 2019 Andie was introduced to Ian Curnow, and together they have been writing, collaborating with other artists and busy in the recording studio.

Her most recent single 'Jealous' was released in May 2020 - take a listen here:

Q: You have done covers of music from a wide ranging variety of artists - can you pick a favourite song to sing? I have a lot of different genres that I pick songs from so it’s a really tricky question to answer for me! But if I did have to pick one it would probably be “The End of the World” - a cover that Billie Eilish did. Q.You’re still young, when did you start singing and at what point did you know this is what you wanted to do? I started singing at the age of 6 years old and I think I started to take it really seriously last year when I met Ian and Julian at Silent Music. Q.How has been going with your latest single ‘Jealous’? It has been going really well thank you, just trying to build a wider audience for more of my bigger songs that are coming out soon !!! 

Q. What’s the big dream for Andie?  The big dream would definitely be going on a world tour and having a successful album out in the next couple of years.  Q.How is the new album coming along? It is coming along okay! Just really hard to record at the moment because of the virus but I hope to be back in the studio really soon!   

Q. What kind of things inspire you to write? The things that inspire me to write is past experience mainly because then other people can relate to the songs as well. 

Q. If you were to make a playlist of your top 10 favourite songs, what would be on it?

1. Stronger Than Me - Amy Winehouse 

2. Jesus Christ 2002 - The 1975 

3. Weird -Yungblud 

4. Hope for the Underrated Youth- Yungblud 

5. End of the World - Billie Eilish cover 

6. I’ll Follow You Into the Dark - Death Cab For Cutie 

7. You Don’t Get Me High Anymore- Billie Eilish 

8. Playing On My Mind - The 1975 

9. Bonfire- The Hunna 

10. Brain Dead - Yungblud 

Q.Who would be your dream artist to collaborate with?  I would definitely say either Yungblud or Melanie Martinez!!!  Q. What’s coming up for you next? I will be releasing new singles and hopefully when all of this blows over I’ll be doing my gigs again !!  

One of Andie's top playlist songs:

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