Refresh'd Advert 2019

Advert: Refresh'd Avert 2019

Music: Beatworms composer Sam McCarthy

Robinsons and Saatchi & Saatchi London today release ‘Natural break’ aimed at driving trial of Robinsons Refresh’d drinks for health-conscious and on-the-go consumers.

The hero 30-second TV advert shows a young girl encouraging office workers to take a break with a Robinsons Refresh’d drink. She points out a series of ‘unnatural’ features in the office such as the artificial lighting and a very fake tanned man.

The film ends with workers heading out into the natural world with the assertion that Robinsons Refresh’d is made with naturally sourced spring water and real fruit accompanied with the strapline, 'Time for something more natural'.

Targeted at 25-34 year olds who consume soft drinks throughout the day, the execution taps into the new masterbrand which uses the disarming wisdom of the nation’s squash experts, children, to inform adults what they’re missing out on.

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