Rolls-Royce Dawn 2019

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Advert Rolls Royce 'Dawn' 2019

Music Anna Calvi 'Rider to the Sea'

Rolls Royce's 2019 'Dawn' ad focuses on what can happen in just 22 seconds. 'Seize the moment in a single touch and let go of who you were 22 seconds ago. You’re the master of spontaneity. Savour the exhilaration. In 22 seconds, everything changes with one sweep of Dawn’s roof.

When up, relish the plush silence of a tranquil interior and when down, enjoy an immersive open-aired drive. 22 seconds is all it takes'

The soundtrack to this advert is Anna Calvi’s “Rider to the Sea” from her self titled 2011 album

Learn more about her at

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Watch Anna perform this live on the video below:

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