Samuel OBie is a native of Hillsborough, NC, now residing in Charlotte Metro in Gastonia.

Being hired by Shirley Caesar as keyboardist just fulfilled his Mom's words as she trained him to play the organ. Shirley, Edwin Hawkins, John Kee, and his “talented family” have recorded his songs on his Salexo Music label & radio stations all over are playing Samuel's music.

Samuel played at the White House in ‘79 with Shirley as President Jimmy Carter had “Gospel On the East Lawn”. He has also played the Apollo “twice” with Shirley in ‘74 & ‘79, which he describes as 'a great spot'.

After years of composing Christian music, a new genre was given to him as his music lyrics decreased and the focus became the Hammond Organ with tracks such as “Relationship” – 2014, “Horizons” – 2017 and “Cat-A-Fly”.

“Gifted”, Samuel's new book/memoir is out with Bookbabv as publisher, along with his first eBook “THNX MOM” telling the wonderful story of his life. “SONG STORIES” is being written sharing the inspiration behind the more than (100) songs he has written.

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